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HRH Princess Eva Kūwailanimamao Cartwright

Royal House of Keoua Nui


HRH Princess Eva Kūwailanimamao was born on March 24, 1882 and was the first born daughter of HRH Princess Theresa Owana Kaʻohelelani Laʻanui by her first husband, Alexander Joy Cartwright III. 


Princess Eva was adopted by HRH Princess Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui Pratt at a young age and lived her.   Princess Eva married Mr. Dwight J. Styne and had three children, HRH Prince Dwight E. Styne, HRH Prince Robert Styne and HRH Prince Elliot Y. Styne.  Princess Eva passed away on May 7, 1948 at the age of 66.

(Picture on left: Princess Eva, holding her grand daughter, Leslie Katherine Styne)

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