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Prince Albert Edward Kamehameha
May 20, 1858 – August 27, 1862

 Heir to the Hawaiian throne, HRH Prince Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa Kamehameha "Haku" was the only son of King Kamehameha IV & Queen Consort Emma. He was born on May 20, 1858 at 6:10 p.m. and immediately upon the delivery of the royal prince into the world, he was welcomed with a 21 gun fire salute, followed by  a huge celebration from the Hawaiian nation.  

Little Prince Albert was made an honorary member of Fire Engine Company Number Four in Honolulu and was given his own Company Four red uniform, as he wanted to be a fireman.


His godmother was Queen Victoria II of England and approved to give the baptismal name of her late husband, Prince Consort Edward Albert who had recently passed away.  Her Majesty, Queen Victoria II had sent a beautiful silver christening cup to Hawaii for the prince's baptism.

Unfortunately, the young Prince Albert died shortly after at the age of four on August 27, 1862, due to "brain fever", his death left his royal parents and the entire Hawaiian nation in grief.

The christening cup given by

his godmother, Queen Victoria of England

for Prince Albert Edward Kauikeaouli

Kaleiopapa Kamehameha

Prince Albert in his Company Four red uniform,
the honorary member of Honolulu's
Fire Engine Company Number Four
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