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HRH Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani and
Aliʻi Lily Hanako Kahelelani Lyons Alohikea-Smith
HRH Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani and
Aliʻi Lily Hanako Kahelelani Lyons Alohikea-Smith

Hawaiian Nobility strengthens ancient family ties as they met on October 23, 2020.

Present were, H.R.H. Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani, H.R.H. Prince Michael Kauhiokalani, Aliʻi & Kumu Hula, Lily Hanako Kahelelani Lyons Alohikea-Smith and her husband, Kalim H. Smith, and his mother Mrs. Patricia Doyle Allen, a descendant of the Cochrane family of New Hampshire.

H.R.H. Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani, H.R.H. Prince Michael Kauhiokalani and Aliʻi Lily Hanako Kahelelani Lyons Smith are the direct descendants of the ancient royal family of Hawaiʻi who met to re-establish their familiar family ties with the Royal House of Keawe - from the Hawaiian Kingdom to today’s modern times.

The ties are between the direct descendant of King Keaweʻs son Keʻeaumokunui, by his Queen Kalanikauleleiaiwi and Keawe's stepson Kekohimoku by his Queen Lonomaʻaikanaka. Lonomaʻaikanaka was also the mother of the crown prince Kalaninuiʻiamamao, the half brother of Keʻeaumokunui.

Kekohimoku was the biological son of Queen Lonomaʻaikanaka and Hulu who was King Keawe's agnatic 1st half-cousin via their common grandparent, Uminuikukailani.

Lonomaʻaikanaka was the daughter of High Chief Ahu-a-ʻI, belonging to the powerful ʻI family of Hilo and his wife, Piʻilaniwahine, the daughter of King Kalanikaumakaowakea of Maui.

The Aliʻi and High Chief Keʻeaumokunui was the highest ranking son of King Keawe with his Queen Kalanikauleleiaiwi and he was the father of Keoua nui, founder of the Kamehameha Dynasty who founded the Hawaiian Kingdom whom H.R.H. Princess Owana and her royal family of the High Chiefess Princess Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui descends directly from. Being close family members of King Kamehameha I and II and recognized by the constitutional sovereigns Kings Kamehameha III, IV, V, King Lunalilo, King Kalākaua and Queen Liliʻuokalani as eligible to the throne... today Princess Owanaʻs seniority responsibility and duty is to carry on her family kuleana as the current head of this royal house.

Aliʻi Lily Hanako Kahelelani Lyons Alohikea-Smith is a Kumu Hula of Halau Kaʻeaikahelelani in Keauhou, Hawai'i, a gift and legacy from her mother, Aliʻi Sally Alohikea-Toko. Lily Kahelelani descends directly from the Aliʻi and High Chief Kekohimoku who's grandson and great grandson were royal genealogists, Aliʻi Aarona Unauna and Ali'i John Koi'i (J.K.) Unauna. J.K. Unauna is Kahelelaniʻs great great great grandfather. The Unauna family were well known and recognized as royal genealogists of ancient time and by King Kamehameha I and II as well as by the constitutional sovereigns, King Kamehameha III, IV, V, King Lunalilo and King Kalākaua as they were protectors and keeper of genealogies for the royal house. Today Aliʻi Lily Kahelelaniʻs seniority responsibility of her ancestor - orator, chanter, dancer and royal genealogist, the keeper and protector of the royal genealogy is now her kuleana (responsibility).

Princess Owana was given the gift of an ipu heke for her birthday which Kahelelaniʻs husband, Kalim Smith graciously made especially for her, Kalim is known worldwide for his work for growing ipu. Kalim has created ipu heke (double gourds) and ipu heke ʻole (single gourds) for some of Hawaiʻi’s most prominent musicians, kumu, and dancers, including Kealiʻi Reichel, Robert Cazimero and many others. He also grows food crops and raises pigs for the community.

The day began with meeting at Queen Liliʻuokalani Gardens where they were able to find a nice space in the park to chat and present the ipu heke to Princess Owana. Next they went to lunch (at Pineapples in Hilo) and enjoyed a long and energetic conversation since the usual opportunity to chat at Merrie Monarch was cancelled (due to public health concerns earlier this year). Conversing about Hawaiian music, history, and heritage over a fabulous lunch, the group was blessed to have the presence of Kalim's mother who added a British-American perspective to the conversation. Mrs. Allen shared her memories of a recent 2019 trip with Kalim and Kahelelani to Westminster Abbey, the royal church in London where many of Patricia's royal and noble ancestors lie in rest. This very church, built in 960 has been used for the coronations of English Kings since William the Conqueror was crowned in 1066,and the Abbey was a place where Hawaiian royalty were warmly received while visiting London in the Victorian era.

In recognizing the ancient history of the Hawaiian Kingdom, members of the various branches of the hereditary noble families can learn and share about their ancestors and honor their memory, achievements, and sacrifices for their descendants and the generations to follow. Recognizing their ancestor's kuleana (responsibilities) during ancient times as well as during the monarchy brings clear perspective to their descendants today.

To continue that responsibility in todays modern times, truly honors the lives of their ancestors. Who they were, and the responsibilities their ancestors had can be carried on by each family today with great honor, further uniting Hawaiian nobility.

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