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Princess Kamāmalu was the eldest daughter of Queen Kalakua Kaheiheimālie and King Kamehameha I, she became Queen Consort when she married  her half-brother King Kamehameha II. 


Queen Consort Kamāmalu and King Kamehameha II left Hawaiʻi for a state visit with King George IV in London of the year 1824 to negotiate an alliance with England.


While in London, Kamāmalu contracted measles and died there, her husband Kamehameha II also died there of the measles shortly after her.  Their bodies were taken back to Hawaii on the HMS Blonde by Lord Byron.  They were buried on the grounds of ʻIolani Palace, but were later removed and now they rest at the Royal Mausoleum at Nuʻuanu.

Queen Kamāmalu

Royal House of Keoua Nui

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