Kamehameha Foundation

To connect Hawaii’s people with their culture, traditions, ancestry, and hereditary claims


             "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono"

           (The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated with righteous acts)

                                                          -Quoted by His Majesty, King Kamehameha III -1843

                                                                          -As translated by Palani Vaughan

This year the Kamehameha Foundation will be raising money to support the Project Hawai`i Christmas Wish Program for homeless children. 


You can help by donating just $10.00 to the Kamehameha Foundation for a child in need.  We are helping to reach a goal of 350 children on O`ahu to supply them with hygiene items for the Project Hawai`i Christmas Wish Program. 

The deadline is December 20, 2019

100th Year Anniversary

of Historical Publication

Keoua, Father of Kings was written by the head of the royal house, Princess Elizabeth Keka`aniau La`anui Pratt in 1920 about the Royal House of Keoua nui, descendants and the kingdom - This is a new edition commemorating its 100 year publication and its 200 year of the anniversary of the missionaries arrival in Hawai`i.  Help support the Kamehameha Foundation by purchasing this unique historical book about Keoua Kalanikupuapa`ikalaninui, father of Kamehameha I documenting the heirs of the royal house. All proceeds will go to the foundation to help future charities as well as the good works of the foundation.


Show your support and help raise money for the Kamehameha Foundation by purchasing a fundraiser shirt.  The money raised will be for the benefit of supporting Hawaiian language schools through Punana Leo.

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