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Royal Court of Kamehameha I

Ka'ohelelani was the single daughter of Kalokuokamaile, her mother was Kaloiokalani. After the death of her father, Kamehameha I invited the young princess to his court and arranged for her to marry the High Chief Nuhi of Waimea. Nuhi was the chief who stabbed Ke'eaumoku during the battle of Honaunau at Hauiki in Keei....Ke'eaumoku recovered and saw Kiwala'o who fell from being struck in the head, crawled up to him and cut his throat with a leiomano. Keoua Kuahu'ula then succeded Kiwala'o becoming Mo'i before being defeated by Kamehameha


Living in Waimea, Ka'ohelelani and Nuhi had a daughter whose name was Kekaikuihala and a son whose name was La'anui.

High Chiefess Ka'ohelelani

Royal House of Keoua Nui

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