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Kekauluohi was born on July 27, 1794 and was the daughter of High Chief Kalaimamahu, her mother was High Chiefess Mariam Kalakua Kaheiheimalie who later became Queen Consort as a wife to Kamehameha the First.  


She became Kuhina Nui in 1839 and held that position until her death on June 7, 1845. Kekauluohi signed the first Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom with Kamehameha III in 1840.  


She married Charles Kanaina and gave birth to her son, Prince Charles Lunalilo who became King on February 8, 1873 after the death of Kamehameha V.

Princess Miriam Auhea Kekauluohi

Royal House of Keoua Nui

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