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Hawaiian and Tahitian Sovereigns agreed that a Crown Princess of the Pomare line would be given in marriage to a Royal Prince of the Kamehameha Dynasty. The principal players of the love match centered around the Princess Eugenie Ninito, grandniece of Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti, Prince Moses Kekuaʻiwa Kamehameha and his brother Prince Alexander Liholiho.


In 1849 Princess Ninito arrived from Tahiti on the French ship commanded by Admiral Tromilen. However her fiance Prince Moses had died from measles a few weeks prior to her arrival at Honolulu.


Realizing that a breach of the marriage contract existed, King Kamehameha III tried to save the situation by pairing the Princess with Moses' younger brother Prince Alexander Liholiho. She declined the offer, completely dissolving the marriage contract. Shortly after this Alexander and his brother Lot, accompanied by Dr. Judd, embarked on their tour of the United States and Europe. Princess Ninito remained in Honolulu and married High Chief John Kapilikea Sumner. 


As an ali'i in the royal court of the Kamehameha Dynasty, she became very close with Princess Elizabeth Keka'aniau La'anui and her niece, Princess Theresa Owana Ka'ohelelani.  Princess Ninito Sumner gave Power of Attorney of her estate to Princess Theresa Owana and her husband Honorable Robert Wilcox. She was the godmother of their daughter the little High Chiefess Virginia Kahoa Ka'ahumanu Ka'ihikapumahana Wilcox, and attended her baptism in 1895.

ninito grave.jpg
Princess Eugine Ninito Sumner
of Tahiti
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Pomare Dynasty

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