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Official Statements by Her Royal Highness Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani


December 21, 2022


P A L A P A L A   H O Ā L O H A L O H A



He Hiamoe Loa o Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Ellerbrock Kawananakoa


It is with great aloha and deep sympathy that we offer our most heartfelt condolences to the family of Abigail Kekaulike Kawananakoa who peacefully passed at her home surrounded by her loved ones at the tender age of 96. We are unified in prayer that God comfort her family and loved ones during this time of bereavement and throughout the future.


We pray that Abigail Kawananakoa receive divine blessings of grace and peace for her journey ahead. May God rest her soul.


Ma ka inoa i ko mākou Haku ʻo Iesū Kristo, he pule aku nei mākou no kona maluhia mauloa i ke aloha o Ke Akua ma ka lani, a ʻo huakaʻi ke hoʻohui pū nei iā ia pū me kona ʻohana aloha ilaila ma ka lani. Me ke aloha pauʻole. Amene.



Ke aloha pauʻole,

Owana Kaʻōhelelani


Friday, 9 September 2022



Statement From H.R.H. Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani Of Hawaiʻi

At The Passing Of The Queen




I kēia mau lā, me ke kaumaha nui loa e aʻo ai i ke hiamoe loa o Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  No ka inoa o koʻuʻohana, hāʻawi mākou i ko mākou aloha nui loa a me ka puʻuwai aloha iā ka ʻOhana Aliʻi a me nā kupa kūpaa a pau o ke aupuni o United Kingdom.  E hoʻomanaʻo ʻia a mālama ʻia ke ola o ka MōʻīWahine i kona ʻāina, a me ka honua, ʻo ia kekahi o nā hiʻohiʻona maikaʻi loa a mākou e makemake mau ai.

       On this day, it is with heartfelt sadness that we mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  On behalf of my entire family, we offer our deepest love and heartfelt sympathy to His Majesty King Charles III and members of the British Royal Family, the loyal subjects of the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth of Nations.

       The Queen’s life will be forever remembered and preserved in her country, and throughout the world.  Beloved Sovereign of Late, may God speed your heavenly journey to your rest with eternal peace.  Ke aloha pauʻole.  Amene.



Owana Kaʻōhelelani

Head of the Royal Family of Hawaiʻi

House of Keoua Nui, Father of Kings


April 9, 2022


Statement from Her Royal Highness Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani

On the occasion dedicated to Reverend Enoka Semaia Timoteo

Aloha nui iā ʻoukou a pau i kēia hanana kūikawā a mākou e hoʻomanaʻo ai i ke Kahu Enoka Semaia Timoteo. I kēia lā ke hoʻohanohano nei mākou i kona hoʻomanaʻo a me kona ola mau ʻana me ka hōʻike ʻana e pili ana iā ia a me ka wehe ʻana o kona lua kupapaʻu i hoʻihoʻi ʻia ma ka hale kupapaʻu o Wainee ma Waiola Church.


Aloha nui to all of you on this special occasion in which we remember the Reverend Enoka Semaia Timoteo. Today we honor his memory and his lifetime of service with a presentation and the unveiling of his restored gravesite at the Wainee Graveyard here at Waiola Church.


Unfortunately, attending today’s event was not possible for me, so I am with much appreciation to Tamalani Kaleleikī, KCRC, Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Crown of Hawaii who is most gracious to appear on my behalf and share my thoughts with you. I want to recognize the tireless and generous work by the dedicated hands and hearts of the members of Nā Kiaʻi O Waineʻe. With the support of Waiola Church’s Kahu and its members, Nā Kiaʻi O Waineʻe, founded in 2011, provides loving care for this historical graveyard in which sits the Royal Tomb of Sacred Queen Keopuolani, many illustrious Aliʻi Nui and leaders from within our Hawaiian history. I would also like to commend, Dr. Ron Williams, Jr., who has made his way into the hearts of many of us with his bright enthusiasm and sincere commitment to reveal what has been unrevealed and to tell what has been untold for many years, even lifetimes. I am certain everyone here will be enlightened with the  knowledge you are about to hear, thanks to our friend Dr. Ron Williams, Jr. who is also known to us as, Hilinaʻi.


Ke oluolu ʻoukou, I am so very proud and humbled to know and love this wonderful circle of Hawaiians. May God’s precious grace and wisdom be with us all.


Mahalo piha, a me ke aloha pauʻole,

Owana Kaʻōhelelani


January 31, 2022

Her Royal Highness Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani of Hawaiʻi sends the following message to His Majesty King Tupou VI and the people of the Tonga due to the recent Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcanic eruption.

“I am deeply saddened and concerned due to the extensive damage caused by the eruption and heavy flooding in the capital of Nuku'alofa and hold tremendous hope that all loved ones will be fully and safely reunited.

As your Oceania relatives to the Northeast, I stand alongside you with compassion and support.  May your great kingdom continue to hold firmly, strong and proud to navigate this very difficult time ahead.”

Ke aloha pauʻole,


Owana Kaʻōhelelani

Head of the Royal House of Hawaiʻi

House of Keoua Nui | Kamehameha

King Tupou VI
Queen Elizabeth II
Abigail Kawananakoa
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