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Royal Order of Kamehameha I

The Knight Grand Cross with Collar 

Awarded on two occasions before 1893 to:

Queen Victoria of Great Britain


Emperor Meiji of Japan.

Cordon/sash with badge

worn with Knight Grand Cross 

(same insignia as Commander Cross badge)

Knight Grand Cross

Highly awarded with Knights Grand cross were:

Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Franz Joseph I (1865)

King of Bavaria, Ludwig II (1865)

Kings of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II (1865) and Umberto I (1878)

German Emperor, King of Prussia, Wilhelm I (1876)

Emperor of Russia, Alexander III (1881)

Queen of the United Kingdom, Victoria (1881)

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Abdul Hamid II (1881)

Emperor of Japan, Meiji (1881)

King of Siam, Chulalongkorn (1881)

King of the Belgians, Albert I (1881)

King of Spain, Alfonso XII (1881)

King of Portugal, Luís I (1881)

Emperor of China, Guangxu (1882)

King of Serbia, Milan I (1883)

Knight Commander

The Most Noble Order of Kamehameha I was established by King Lot Kapuaiwa Kalanimakua Kalanikapuapaikalaninui Aliʻiolani, styled Kamehameha V of the Kamehameha Dynasty, Royal House of Keoua Nui on April 11, 1865 by royal decree. The highest order of the Kingdom of Hawai'i as a dynastic order of knighthood highly awarded to the head of states/dynasties, also as award of merit to loyal individuals who provided noble services to the royal family and the kingdom.

The Royal Order of Kamehameha has re-established the order is 2016 and is highly awarded to the head of states/dynasties, also as awards of merit to loyal supporters of the royal family and those who provide excellent services in the field of cultural achievement and education.

 Class of order: Knight Grand Cross with Collar, Knight Grand Cross, Knight Commander, Knight Companion

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