Royal Order
of the Crown of Hawai`i

The Order was first introduced as the Order of the Cross and Crown in an Order-in Council

of H.M. King Kamehameha III in July 1848, through his Minister for Foreign Affairs,Robert Wyllie.  

The statues of the Order, as the Order of the Crown of Hawaiʻi, were amended during the reign of H.M. King Kalākaua 

and awards of the Order continued. After H.M. Queen Liliʻuokalani was illegally deposed, 

the Order of the Crown was again held in abeyance. 


It has been re-established and amended in 2016 by HRH Princess Owana Ka`ohelelani La`anui Salazar,

 the "de jure" and "fons honorum" head of the royal house and Grandmaster of the order.


The revised 2016 order is modified with the ribbon color of gold with purple edges, the shield has

a purple ring surrounding the Hawaiian crown with the motto "Onipa`a".


The Order of the Crown is highly awarded to the head of states/dynasties, 

also as awards of merit to loyal supporters of the royal family and those who provide excellent services in the field of cultural achievement and education.


Men`s pre nominal: Knight (for all ranks except Ocer rank) 

Ladies pre nominal: Dame (for all ranks except Ocer rank)

1) Grand Gross = GCRC = Sash/Cordon                Jewell (Neck Jewell), Gold Breast Star 

    and Miniature with gold star on ribbon 


2) Grand Officer = GORC = Neck Jewell and        Gold Breast Star and Miniature with 

    two tone Gold and Silver star on ribbon 


3) Knight Commander = KCRC = Neck Jewell      and Breast Star in Silver and Miniature            with silver star on ribbon 


4) Knight = KRC = Neck Jewell and Miniature      in gold (Nothing on ribbon) 


5) Officer = ORC = Neck Jewell and Miniature      in silver

GCRC = Dame Grand Cross/Cordon of                       the Royal Order of the Crown 


GORC = Dame Grand Officer of the 

               Royal Order of the Crown 


DCRC = Dame Commander of the

               Royal Order of the Crown 


DRC    = Dame of the 

               Royal Order of the Crown 


ORC    = Officer of the 

               Royal Order of the Crown

GCRC = Grand Cross/Cordon of the                             Royal Order of the Crown 


GORC = Grand Officer of the 

               Royal Order of the Crown 


KCRC = Knight Commander of the                               Royal Order of the Crown 


KRC    = Knight of the 

               Royal Order of the Crown 


ORC    = Officer of the 

               Royal Order of the Crown

Ladies Post Nominal’s:
Men’s Post Nominal’s:



All members of the order upon receiving their brevet must get their insignia from the Office of the Chancellor only. It is against the royal house to copy and obtain unauthorized insignia as they are trademarked and will be considered a counterfeit and is unlawful.  

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Order of Wear
Other Dynastic Orders of the Hawaiian Kingdom

1848 Order of the Crown

Order of Kamehameha

Order of Kalakaua

Order of Kapiolani

Order of the Star of Oceania

Information about the Royal Orders of the Hawaiian Kingdom



The Kingdom of Hawai’i was established in 1810 by King Kamehameha I of the House of Keoua Nui at the capitulation of all the other island chiefs.  During the reign of his son, Kamehameha III (1825-1854), it was felt that a royal order of chivalry needed to be established to match the international recognition of the islands as a sovereign kingdom among the nations of the world. 


Royal Order of the Crown. The idea for a Hawaiian order was first discussed in an Order-in-Council meeting in 1848 but was not implemented due to resistance from the America missionaries who generally did not favor monarchical symbols.  The Royal Order of the Crown was finally awarded during the reign of King Kalakaua and is the oldest of the royal orders.  In 2016 its statutes were rewritten and the award reestablished by the senior heir to the House of Keoua Nui, HRH Princess Owana Ka’ohelelani.


Royal Order of King Kamehameha I.  In 1865 King Kamehameha V established this order to honor his grandfather, the conqueror Kamehameha I.  In 1902, Prince Kuhio reorganized the order and secularized it, the kingdom having been overthrown in 1893 and annexed by the United States in 1898.  It is debated if he had such authority, since he was never legal heir to the kingdom due to adoption and the lack of royal blood. It now operates as a fraternal origination under several, often competing chapters.


Royal Order of Kalakaua I.  To celebrate his coronation, King Kalakaua created the Royal Order of Kalakaua.  It has never been reestablished.


Royal Order of Kapi’olani.  Established by King Kalakaua in 1880, this order was awarded for those prominent in humanitarian causes and artistic endeavors.  It was abrogated in 1893.


Royal Order of the Star of Oceania.  In 1886, King Kalakaua established this order to help build alliances with notable people throughout the Pacific and advancing his plan to establish a conference of islands across the Pacific.  It was abolished during the overthrown of Queen Lili’uokalani in 1893. Its statutes were rewritten and the award reestablished by the senior heir to the House of Keoua Nui, HRH Princess Owana Ka’ohelelani.


Princess Owana Ka’ohelelani.  As senior heir to the ruling House of Keoua Nui, Princess Owana has placed the royal orders under her patronage.  Since they were never nationalized with the Overthrow, they are recast as House Orders awarded at the pleasure of its head.  In respecting the long fraternal establishment of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, she supports that organization.  Princess Owana owns title to the trade names of all orders except this one, through the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.  She intends to re-establish the other orders. Therefore, any use of these names by other parties is noted as prohibited as a breech of trade name infringement, and any orders issued by these parties must be considered counterfeit. In addition, Princess Owana has established the House Order of Ka’ohelelani in honor of her mother.  It exists in seven classes and is given only to members of the Royal Family.

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