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Royal Order of the Crown of Hawaii
"Hawaii Ke Kalaunu"

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The Royal Order of the Crown and Cross of Hawai'i is the first royal order of the kingdom and was established by King Kauikeaouli, styled Kamehameha III of the Kamehameha Dynasty, Royal House of Keoua Nui, July, 1848 on the advice of his Minister of Foreign Relations, the Honorable Robert Chrichton Wyllie, to install a peerage for the sovereign of Hawai'i. An award system of knighthood for the recompense of distinguished merit and services rendered to the sovereign. The order was limited because of the ridicule received from Americans who then dominated the islands. Later, revived and expanded by King Kalakaua on September 12, 1882.  

The order was revived and amended in 2016 by HRH Princess Owana Ka'ohelelani Salazar, 

Head of the Royal House of Keoua Nui and Grandmaster of the order.  Awarded as recognition to Heads of State/Dynasty and individuals who support the royal house and for those who have done outstanding services of cultural achievement and education.

Original Class of order: Grand Cross, Grand Officer , Commander , Officer, Companion, gold and silver medals

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The Knight Grand Cross with Cordon/sash

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Grand Officer Badge, same insignia as badge worn with Knight Grand Cross Cordon.

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Knight Commander
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