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The Royal Family of Hawaiʻi & Delegation attend the

2022 Stars of Oceania &  Annual Global Breadfruit Summit 

On October 17 & 18, 2022 at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center, attending the 2022 Stars of Oceania and the 2022 Annual Global Breadfruit Summit was H.R.H. Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani, HRH Prince Noa Kalokuokamaile III, H.R.H. Prince Michael Kauhiokalani and members of the Royal Order of the Crown of Hawaii, Bonnie Aloma Seto, DRC,

Jon Kenneth Myers, KRC and Carolyn Melenani Oliver Kuali’i, DRC.

Princess Owana spoke at the Stars of Oceania which recognizes and honors individuals, groups and organizations that reflect the inclusive values that care for Mother Earth with service, courage and power of aloha. Another notable speaker in attendance was Kumu Ramsay Mahealani Taum, a teacher, author, transformational thought leader, consultant and Kumu of Lua & Ho'oponopono.

The 2 day event was sponsored by the University of Hawaii's Pacific Business Center and primarily organized by Papalii Dr. Failautusi ‘Tusi’ Avegalio a director of the multi national award winning Pacific Business Center Program (PBCP) and executive director of the Honolulu Minority Business Enterprise Center (HMBEC) at the UH Mānoa Shidler College of Business.

Their Royal Highnesses also attended the Annual Global Breadfruit Summit, which showcases champions of breadfruit in the space of breadfruit research, production, processing and marketing.


Attending the event was King Tuaine Vaeruarangi Ariki of the Island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands. King Tuaine Vaeruarangi Ariki is a strong supporter of farmers in the Cook Islands to process kuru breadfruit into flour for local consumption.

Mayor of Aitutaki Island - Po'o Bishop, Uri Mataiapo (Danny Mataroa), King Tuaine Vaeruarangi Ariki. Danny Mataroa and his organization - Uri Mataiapo - Chief Sovereignty Deeds apply to the Global Environment Fund to establish a mill to produce gluten-free flour produced from breadfruit.

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