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"Ua Mau ke Ea o Ka ʻĀina i ka Pono"

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the Eligible Members to the Throne and Head of the Royal House

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          The National Museum of Brazil

A devastating fire destroyed the valuable Hawaiian feather cloak or ʻahuʻula which was housed in the museum and was a gift from King Kamehameha II to the country's emperor Dom Pedro in 1824

Statement from the Chancery of the Russian Imperial House:
Regarding misrepresentation
of distinction of honor
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Head of the Royal House claims
and the preservation of the royal family.
The prevention of prescription and continuity of fons honorum to protect sovereignty since the 1893 illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and after the passing of Queen Lili'uokalani in 1917.   Read more

Hawaiian Kingdom  & U.S.A Treaty  ratified on August 19, 1850

"There shall be perpetual peace and amity between the United States and the King of the Hawaiian Island, His heirs and His successors"




                 1993 U.S. Apology Bill


United Nations Acknowledges the illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and fraudulent annexation  by the U.S.A.

Her Royal Highness Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani
Current Head of the Royal House

"The land, the people

and the crown are one."

"One flag,

One country,

One heart,


One land,

One people,

One love."

- Princess Owana

High Chiefess Princess Elizabeth
Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui Pratt
Head of the Royal House after the passing of the last sovereign, Queen Liliʻuokalani in 1917

 November Remembrance of the Royal Family & Independance Day

La Kuokoa_edited.jpg
 November 28  Lā Kūʻokoʻa
Hawaiian Kingdom Independence Day
H.M. King David Kalākaua
Born November 16, 1836

Royal News and Events


April - June 2021 Article featuring

HRH Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani

Il Mondo del Cavaliere, is an International Magazine on Orders of Chivalry, and is the official body of the Permanent International Study Commission of the Orders of Chivalry (ICOC)

Responsible Director:

Pier Felice degli Uberti

Editorial Secretary:

Maria Loredana Pinotti

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IL Mondo del Cavaliere Publication
April- June 2021
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January 17, 2020
Onipaʻa Peace March to
ʻIolani Palace
Memorial Dedication of H.E. Dr. Paul Christiaan Klieger in the
Reliquary Museum of the Castle of Ourem in Portugal
H.R.H. Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani strengthens ties of Hawaiian Nobility, along with
 Aliʻi Lily Hanako Kahelelani Lyons Alohikea - Smith, a descendant of the Royal Genealogist Unauna
HRH Dom Duarte Pio
Receives Keoua Father of Kings
September 2018
Hawaiian Royalty Celebrate
Honors for HRH Dom Duarte Pio in Portugal
October 2018
Military Ball New York City
Screenshot (421).png
His Majesty King Kamehameha III Statue Dedication at Thomas Square Park 2018
kam day 2018.......jpg
June 11, 2018 Kamehameha Day Celebrations on Maui and Honolulu
Screenshot (363).png
Investitures at ʻIolani Palace
Royal Order of the Crown
Fundraiser Gala for the Kamehameha Foundation 
 Red Carpet Event Fundraiser Gala
100 year Anniversary of the
Passing of Queen Liliʻuokalani
owana in italy.JPG
Ball of 100 in Italy
Screenshot (364).png
Mass at Saint Augustine
Dinner of Kings
HRH Princess Owana and the Order of Kamehameha I
1998 March Protest Marking the 100th year of Fraudulent Annexation
Unveiling Ceremony for the Statue of the Honorable Robert Kalanihiapo
Wilcox, Husband of Princess Theresa Owana Kaʻōhelelani Laʻanui 1993
Order of Kaohelelani...png
The Royal Order of Kaʻōhelelani in 1917
During the Procession of the Royal Funeral of H.M. Queen Liliʻuokalani
Head of the Royal House after the last ruling sovereign, High Chiefess Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui Pratt, she was eligible to the throne and authored her documentary of her 1920 publication of Keoua, Father of Kings
amy  iolai1.jpg
Dame Commander of the Royal Order of the Crown,
Amy Hanaialiʻi Gilliom helps to raise money for ʻIolani Palace at a fundraising gala



September 2018 The royal family of Hawaii and delegation visit the royal family of Portugal to celebrate honors

The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard & Airmen’s Club (SSMAC) 

celebrated its 99th Anniversary at the 22nd Annual Military Ball at the Pierre Hotel in New York City on Friday October 12th.

H.R.H Princess Owana and H.R.H. Prince Noa arrives on the red carpet proir to the Kamehameha Foundation Fundraising gala at the Kahala, 2018

Queen Liliʻuokalani passed away on November 11, 1917

 100 church bells rang across the island in memory of the 100th anniversary of the passing of the last ruling sovereign of Hawaiʻi

Image of Our Lady of Fatima

A gift from H.R.H. Dom Duarte, Head of the Royal House of Portugal for Saint Augustine by the Sea church in Waikiki

Maori Queen.jpeg
Māori Queen, Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu meets the Royal Family of Hawaiʻi in 1975
Right to left: Head of the Royal House of Hawaiʻi HRH Princess Helena Kalokuokamaile, Māori Queen,
HRH Princess Gertrude Kapiʻolani, HRH Princess Myrtle Kaloiokalani and HRH Princess Viola Kapiʻolani